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Discussion with Teneika Askew: Empowering Decision Making with Data Visualization

Empowering Decision Making Data Visualization (Full Episode) Teneika Askew - Great Tech Pros
I recently met with Teneika Askew, Head of People Analytics at Mozilla, to discuss how to utilize data for effective visualization and creating data stories that enable decision-makers to take action.Here’s the full interview:Get the bonus Q&A with the audience by visiting  GreatTechPros.com.Here are some short video clips of topics discussed:What has changed in Business ...

Discussion with Sanford Hess: Government Information Technology Management and Change

Government Information Technology Management and Change - Sanford Hess
I recently met with Sanford Hess, IT Director for the City of Urbana, to discuss Government Information Technology Management, change within government IT, enhancing the relationship between people and government, career opportunities and more. Here’s the full interview:Get the bonus Q&A with the audience by visiting GreatTechPros.com.Here are some short video clips of t...

Discussion with Susanne Tedrick: Developing a Game Plan to Thrive as Technology Evolves

Wylie Blanchard | Susanne Tedrick: Developing a Game Plan to Thrive as Technology Evolves - Full Episode
I recently met with Susanne Tedrick, Cloud Solution Specialist, to learn how women of color can jump-start, transition to or further evolve their career in technology, her new book Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators, and how tech professionals can stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving job market.Here’s the full int...

Discussion with Chris Hyde: Making a Difference with Data Analytics

Making Difference Data Analytics Full Episode: Chris Hyde
I met with Chris Hyde, SQL Server BI and Data Science Consultant to learn about his career as a data professional and his journey into data science. In this interview Chris shares how data can make a difference in people's lives, how there has been an increase use of statistics in data science and advice on how others can begin their career into data analytics.Here's the full interview:...

Use Video as a Tool to Enhance Speaking Skill and Create Web Content #TSQLTuesday

You're a new technical speaker and you're looking for new ways to grow platform skills and possibly create more content for your website/blog. Here's how you can do both at the same time. Video record your live presentations.Why? Two reasons.Video recording your presentation offers three ways to get constructive feedback ↓ Video recording your presentation offers three forms of conten...

Interview with Edwin Ukpaby – Healthcare IT Professional: @Youtube

Edwin Ukpaby, Healthcare I T Professional and CEO of Medix Systems Consultants, met with us to discuss how technology in the healthcare industry has evolved with healthcare business processes.Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com.Excerpt from the Interview:Wylie Blanchard: I T is at a point where we have to be more than “you tell me the problem and I’ll fix it”...

Interview with Dan Rey – Solution Architect of Microsoft: @GreatTechPros

VIDEO Interview-with-Dan-Rey-Solution-Architect-of-Microsoft-Great-Tech-Pros
Dan Rey, Solution Architect of Microsoft, sat down with us to share what he has learned over his career as a technology professional.Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com.Excerpt from the Interview:Wylie Blanchard: What have you seen in your twenty plus years or what interesting has changed in the 20 plus years that you’ve been an I T professional?...

What ever happen to Google Videos?… Good bye iGoogle: @Google+

A long time ago I had high hopes for Google Videos but they eventually realized that it could never catch on. One thing that I can say for google is that they're smart enough to know that if it doesn't work, then let it go and move on by trying something else.I really think that that is one of Google's keys to success. We will not waste time on what doesn't work... Period.Article: Google s...