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Website Considerations that Impact Business Communication

Website Considerations that Impact Business Communication - Wylie Blanchard
In this article, we’ll explore three things that businesses should consider when assessing how it communicates through its website.Consider what a website visitor needs from your website prior to other considerations. It is important to know what users expect to encounter when they use a website. For instance, business communications like marketing messages and informati...

Three Defining Features of Today’s Digital Media Technologies

Interactive Social Intelligence - Wylie Blanchard
In this article, we'll identify three defining features of today's digital media and how they impact digital communication.1. Interactive media is the ability to interact with computerized information and content in ways that are similar to how we interact with humans. For example, the website dictionary.com offers several ways for you to comprehend the meaning of a wor...

The Scope and Aim of Digital Channels (Introduction)

Digital Channels - Wylie Blanchard
What is a Digital Channel?A digital channel can be defined as a technological interface connected to the world-wide-web for the purpose of facilitating communication.About this Article Series.In this series of articles, we'll explore the role of digital media and communication technologies utilized in businesses communication efforts and review th...

Support Desk Ticket Dashboard: @SpiceWorks

Heat Call Logging Dashboard - Support Ticket System A dashboard showing support tickets, top 5 queues, sla acknowledge rate, monthly/weekly inventory and monthly/weekly average days to resolve for heat call logging using pie charts, bullet/column graphs and spark line indicators.Originally posted on spiceworks.

Simple Audit of SQL Server Agent: @SpiceWorks

Who Changed My SQL Server Agent Job? Created process and ssrs report to audit changes to SQL Server Agent Jobs on SQL Server 2008 R2. Created process using SSRS, SSMS, T-SQL, SQL Triggers. Created and implemented process to audit changes to SQL Server Agent Jobs on SQL Server 2008 R2. Created a new schema and table structure to capture audit data for agent jobs. Created triggers on the sysjobs, sy...

Interview with Ed Fisher – System Engineer: @GreatTechPros

In this episode of Great Tech Pros Wylie Blanchard interviews Ed Fisher, System Engineer and CEO of Ed Fishers and Associates. Ed shares what he has learned over his 30+ year career as a technology professional.Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com.Excerpt from the Interview:Wylie Blanchard: What key certifications and/or degrees are prominen...

Thoughts on Technology from Martin Luther King: @Google+

In his 1964 Nobel Lecture at Oslo, Norway, Martin Luther King Jr reminded us to not let our "moral progress" fall behind our progress in science and technology.He said:"Yet, in spite of these spectacular strides in science and technology, and still unlimited ones to come, something basic is missing. There is a sort of poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific...

Automated Data Migration: @SpiceWorks

Healthcare Consortium of Illinois - Created and implemented several Extract Transform Load processes for various program projects.Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) ETL Automation: Created a scheduled automated ETL (Extract Transform Load) process to extract data from SQL Server 2012, transform the data into external clients specified format to an exported file and load file to external ...

Rollout of Lenovo Laptops/Desktops: @SpiceWorks

Asset Upgrade. Roll out of 100 new Lenovo laptops and desktops. Review of IT department assets revealed an inventory of outdated and out of warrenty user equipment. Review of current equipment contract with Dell reviewed that the contract was not competitively priced. I decided to review other brands and market offerings. Sought out and received quotes from 3 vendors. Finally settled on Lenovo bra...