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Three Defining Features of Today’s Digital Media Technologies

In this article we'll identify three defining features of today's digital media and how they impact digital communication. 1. Interactive media is the ability to interact with computerized information and content in ways that are similar to how we interact with humans. For example, the website dictionary.com offers several ways for you to comprehend the meaning of a word or phrase (definiti...
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The Scope and Aim of Digital Channels (Introduction)

What is a Digital Channel? A digital channel can be defined as a technological interface connected to the world-wide-web for the purpose of facilitating communication. About this Article Series. In this series of articles, we'll explore the role of digital media and communication technologies utilized in businesses communication efforts and review the multiple channels offered today. http:...
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Interview with Edwin Ukpaby – Healthcare IT Professional: @Youtube

edwin ukpaby interview - great tech pros - wylie blanchard
Edwin Ukpaby, Healthcare IT Professional and CEO of Medix Systems Consultants, met with Great Tech Pros' Wylie Blanchard to discuss how technology in the healthcare industry has evolved with healthcare business processes.To read excerpts from the interview click here. http://greattechpros.com/edwin-ukpaby... *********** More from Great Tech Pros ************* Website: http://www.GreatTechPros.co...
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Interview with Ed Fisher – System Engineer: @GreatTechPros

In this episode of Great Tech Pros Wylie Blanchard interviews Ed Fisher, System Engineer and CEO of Ed Fishers and Associates. Ed shares what he has learned over his 30+ year career as a technology professional. Excerpt from the Interview:   Wylie Blanchard: What key certifications and/or degrees are prominent for networking and system engineering – I T careers? Ed Fisher: If it w...
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Interview with Dan Rey – Solution Architect of Microsoft: @GreatTechPros

VIDEO Interview-with-Dan-Rey-Solution-Architect-of-Microsoft-Great-Tech-Pros
Dan Rey, Solution Architect of Microsoft, sat down with us to share what he has learned over his career as a technology professional.  Excerpt from the Interview:   Wylie Blanchard: What have you seen in your twenty plus years or what interesting has changed in the 20 plus years that you’ve been an I T professional? Dan Rey: One thing that I’ve noticed in the 20&...
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