• Getting them to “Click Here“: Making Websites that Work
    You have a unique and wonderful business and now you need a website that helps you meet your business goals. In this program we’re not talking about website design, we’re discussing how you can transform your website into a tool to attract customers, converts web activity into business activity and define what’s fact and what’s hype about SEO...
  • Understanding Cloud Analytics and What it can Offer your Business
    This session teaches the “3 C’s of Cloud Analytics” which helps you identify how your business can streamline operations and compete with larger organizations. Learn Cloud Computing fundamental concepts; creating KPIs that drive value; types of cloud platform offerings, services, and products; how to start using available applications to amplify your business.
  • How Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Technologies are Reshaping Business
    Discover how emerging technologies, such as Social Media, Mobile apps/devices, Analytic Web tools and Cloud Computing, are transforming how your organization sets and achieves business objectives. In this idea packed program Wylie Blanchard shares 4 strategic tools that will empower you to put the internet to work for your business.
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Business Website
    Measuring the effectiveness of your business website is a very important question for entrepreneurs who are working to bring in new business through the Internet and online activity. In this workshop we discuss Web Analytics. What is it, how you can use it, how it benefits your business and what tools are available to you now

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Meet Wylie

"Business, Technology & the pursuit of Gadgets" Wylie Blanchard is a business technology coach, consultant, speaker, TV host, gadget enthusiast, database expert, website strategist and a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur. Blanchard's mission in life is to better the lives of working professionals by educating them on how to use technology as a tool to amplify their expertise and business lives. As an Information Technology Leader, he has 15+ years of management and software analysis experience, holds several certifications in SQL and Oracle systems and has developed a reputation for explaining technical concepts in ways, w...

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