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Implementing Failover Clustering and AlwaysOn Availability Groups: @Google+

In this webinar, Wylie introduces us to Implementing Failover Clustering and AlwaysOn Availability GroupsAlwaysOn... Availability Groups is a new feature that enhances and combines database mirroring and log shipping capabilities. Click here to register now Present by: Wylie Blanchard When: Friday, December 6th - 06:00pm   Speaker Bio: Wylie Blanchard, MCSE is an IT consulta...

Database Backup Encryption: @Google+

Encrypting your database backup is an excellent method to protect database backups from unauthorized access. In this class: Wylie walks you through how you can implement database backup encryption directly from the database engine utilizing SQL Server 2014 (Third Party tools not needed).   Click here to register now Presented by: Wylie Blanchard When: Friday, October 17th - 06:00p...

Security Deployment for Mobile Devices: @SpiceWorks

Deployed Enterprise Mobility Management System for Mobile Devices. Interviewed four companies EMMs options to allow network connectivity and allow our IT team management control. Finally chose to move forward with MobileIron which allows policy setting controls for mobile devices.   1 Month Duration 100-249 Users 100-249 Devices

Automated Data Migration: @SpiceWorks

Healthcare Consortium of Illinois - Created and implemented several Extract Transform Load processes for various program projects. Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) ETL Automation: Created a scheduled automated ETL (Extract Transform Load) process to extract data from SQL Server 2012, transform the data into external clients specified format to an exported file and load file to external ...

Workforce Customer Manager: @SpiceWorks

Workforce Customer Manager: Led project to develop frontend application to manage customer record database utilizing SQL Server 2012 on the backend.   Created application utilizing MS Access, VBA, T-SQL, SQL Server 2012. Project Time: 3 months   Duration: 1 Month Users: 1-49 Devices: 100-249 Budget: $12 k Data: 5 GB  

Managing OLAP Databases for DBA’s: @Google+

With the growing demand for Business Intelligence solutions it's important that DBA learn how to manage these (not so new) analytical engines to ensure that data is efficient and secure. In this session, we'll review Microsoft's SQL Server Analysis Servies Multidimensional (OLAP) engine. We'll review OLAP cube design, security, access permissions and other SSAS functionalty important to a da...

SpiceWorks Deployment: @SpiceWorks

Deployed SpiceWorks on Non Profit business server for network monitoring and help desk ticket management. Working with a new client with 150 employees and limited IT resources. Current IT team consists of just one engineer (knowledgeable engineer but overwhelmed with requests and fixes). Leadership asked if there was something that we can do about improving the management of help desk requests. R...

Rollout of Lenovo Laptops/Desktops: @SpiceWorks

Asset Upgrade. Roll out of 100 new Lenovo laptops and desktops. Review of IT department assets revealed an inventory of outdated and out of warrenty user equipment. Review of current equipment contract with Dell reviewed that the contract was not competitively priced. I decided to review other brands and market offerings. Sought out and received quotes from 3 vendors. Finally settled on Lenovo bra...

Database Implementation: @SpiceWorks

Installed, administered and developed database solutions utilizing SQL Server 2012 Enterprise - T-SQL scripts, SSIS, Stored procedures, SQ scripting, FTP scripting Consultant: Database Administrator/Developer for Non-Profit Organization -Installed, configured and maintained SQL Server 2012 Enterprise -Monitored replication, job execution, database installations and upgrades -Implemented disa...