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Interview with Dan Rey – Solution Architect of Microsoft: @GreatTechPros

VIDEO Interview-with-Dan-Rey-Solution-Architect-of-Microsoft-Great-Tech-Pros
Dan Rey, Solution Architect of Microsoft, sat down with us to share what he has learned over his career as a technology professional. Originally posted at www.greattechpros.com. Excerpt from the Interview: Wylie Blanchard: What have you seen in your twenty plus years or what interesting has changed in the 20 plus years that you’ve been an I T professional? ...

Create a Resume that opens 2 Interview Doors: @YouTube

Create a Resume that opens 2 Interview Doors - Wylie Blanchard - Chicago Illinois
In this short video, Wylie Blanchard shares how to transform your resume into a tool to get you into the two primary interview doors. Make sure that you know how to get these doors to open for you. www.youtube.com

Strategic Planning for Information Technology – SWOT Analysis: @YouTube

Strategic Thinking for Information Technology
In this short video, Wylie Blanchard shares an easy way to align Strategic Thinking with Information Technology. Companies and employers highly value Tech Leaders who can think and act strategically because it means that you have the ability to see the changes needed for a business to stay successful. www.youtube.com