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Gmail User’s Privacy – No one should be surprised by this: @Google+

Search engine firms are really just ad companies and they've always read our emails to determine which ads will get us to click more ads. It's simple data mining. Acting like it's an invasion of privacy is foolish. If Google didn't read our mail then they'd have no way to effectively do their job as an ad company. Thus they wouldn't invest money in the tech that we desire and use. To be h...
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Cloud Data & Bring Your Own Device strategies: @Google+

Here's an interesting article that companies should consider before implementing Bring Your Own Device strategies. The Advantages and Risks and what it means to your workplace. What are the advantages and risks of BYOD strategies? Will cloud computing solve many Bring Your Own Device challenges? Make sure you know what to consider. Article: "BYOD Challenges and Cloud’s Potential in Paperless...
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There are a few things that I wouldn’t do in the name of SCIENCE and this is one of them: @Google+

Would you do this for science? Great Tech Pros originally shared: How far would you go to record your body's data, in the name of SCIENCE? There are a few things that I wouldn't do in the name of SCIENCE and this is one of them. http://buff.ly/1eBeC1Y www.google.com
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